@WomenInLine Aspiring Speakers

Part of our mission here is to get women not only into the tech conferences, but up on stage at the tech conferences.

We all have something to share with others. Maybe it’s expertise in a subject, or a way of doing things that other could learn from, or a new perspective on an old subject… whatever it may be, we can all learn from you. So take the leap! We need more women voices on stage, sharing their wisdom and viewpoints.

Yes, we know – public speaking makes all of us want to vomit. But there are techniques for conquering your fears and we want to hook you up with people who can help you do just that. From writing a speaker’s abstract that will catch a conference organizer’s attention to learning how to present your material in a relaxed and engaging manner… we’ve got some mentors lined up who want to help you succeed.

Just fill out this form and we’ll match you up with one of our volunteer mentors.